Charles and Margo used their 1979 RV Motor Home to evangelize with films  like the Jesus Film, The God Story and  to organize Christians into groups of  “6” to “12” people to facilitate the   adoption of third world orphaned children by native families in their own villages.  The initial ministry objective was to begin to remove the starvation from some of the 1. 6 million starving children who desperately need “Christian Adoptive Parents” relationships to allow them live long enough to begin to  understand Christian Family Love and, to  also nourish their starving  little bodies  with  food, clothing and shelter.  Go to for details on how to help these helpless children without taking any money from your existing tithe or using any  current family budget dollars.

An estimated 2700 of these helpless little orphans “die” every 24 hours of starvation. (a World Vision statistic). Christians can prevent thousands of daily deaths with just .25 cents a day per person.  It is kind of like giving up 2 Starbuck Coffees or 8 soft drink purchases a month or there is a way  to let God create this money ….see

OUR  COMBINED ACADEMIC BACKGROUNDS:  Charles and Margo have Honorary Doctorates in Evangelistic Ministry, with combined Post Graduate studies at Pacific Lutheran Seminary, Simpson Bible College, and Global Youth Evangelism University.   Our Ordination Licensing is under Hunter Ministries. Bachelors from U.C.L.A. and C..S.U.F., Masters from  Cal State Univ. at Long Beach, Life Time  Community College  Faculty Credentials in Professional Education Business/ Marketing, and Mass Communications.

WHAT IS A G.O.D.  6/12 Group?
It is 6 or 12 people who agree to Invest in  “third world at risk” orphans through facilitating the adoption by their own native  Christian Adoptive Parents(C.A.P.’s).
2. How is the Orphan chosen?
A third world Pastor, or Missionary, chosen from  your  own group’s church fellowship , will select  a native needy orphan child to be placed with a  third world native C..hristian A..doptive P..arents (C.A.P.s)  family within your group’s church’s mission program or any  ministry your group chooses.
3. How do I fit in to help?
The Orphans will be adopted into a Christian family and your group’s collective monthly investments of $45 to $90 a month (which can be generated in a unique way in anyone’s backyard…see which can be  sent  100%, directly to your group’s chosen Christian Adoptive Families,  in order to make it financially possible for the C.A.P. Families to  supply love, food, clothing,  shelter, and education to a newly  adopted orphan.
4. Why should this native family help?
Many of the third world native Christian families are very poor.  They make between $45 and $90 a month.  They love the Lord and they want, very much, to help their native village orphans but they cannot afford to take them in. These funds will, generally, double their family monthly income which makes it possible for them to adopt the orphans in their own local villages or cities.
5. How does the money get there?
One  of your  group’s   donors will be chosen to be your Group Leader.   Each person in the group agrees  to send their $7.50  per month to their  chosen  Group Leader and the Leader will then  forward it  the G.O.D.  “6” or  G.O.D. “12” group with monies of $45 or $90 (100%) to their chosen  Christian Adoption Family.
6. How do I know the money will get there?
Each Church’s Third World Missionary/Pastor, who places the child with a native Christian Adoptive Parent family , will be the Overseer of the adopted child’s money.  It is possible, with new technology, now,  available  for some G.O.D. 12 groups can allow  “daily” communications   their C.A.P. family on an inexpensive  webcam.
7. Is the cash money always given directly to the Christian Adoptive Parent  families?
Sometimes it is better,  in certain third world nations, to allow the physical necessities to be purchased by the local Pastor/Missionary and then distributed as  commodities to the C.A.P. families rather than giving the native C.A.P.’s  cash monies.  “Sometimes, this monetary strategy  can, also,   avoid possible   complicated  foreign monitory exchange problems in some third world nations.
8. Will Samaritan Action Ministries or the Benson’s receive any of the  investment donation monies?
All (100%) of the G.O.D. “6” or G.O.D. 12 group  funds go directly  from each group’s selected Leader to the Christian Adoptive Parents for the adopted orphan care needs of  food, housing, clothing, medical care, and education.  All funds should be channeled your own local Christian Fellowship (Church)  entities or ministries that do not need to extract any of the funds unless approved, in special circumstances, by each G.O.D. 6/12 group.  The funds are actually “investments” not just donations.
2700 Children die each day of starvation or some other preventable disease.  We can care for one at a time and even   1.6 million at a time, with 1.6 million G.O.D. 6/12  groups with each   6 or 12   individuals  investing just . 25 cents  a day.

If   you are interested in becoming a  recruiter  “Leader” of  a  G.O.D. 6/12.  group     please contact us for a   “Sign Up” sheet  to  help you  organize your own group.

It’s easy to do!

Here are some  photo  clips (web still under construction, photos will be posted later)  of  Margo’s  trip to Ghana taken during  a church medical mission  trip to visit  a Christian Orphanage.  The major medical  diseases  were  stomach infections from bad water and Malaria.   This village has an almost new Christian Austrialian  built hospital but it has  only one nurse on  staff and one “circuit traveling” doctor that comes about once a monthto serve over 4000 poor natives.

If you are interested and have questions, please leave a message at 1 951-767-2708 or   e-mail   us on   the   internet    at :

It is the goal to supply the spiritual,  physical and educational  needs of starving  orphans  with  dedicated  “Native Christian Adoptive Parents” using a simple and inexpensive Adoptive Investment Ministry of groups of   6 or 12 Christian daily “per person” investments  of  25 cents a day.
In Ghana , Africa,   a typical  family  monthly income is $45 to $90 a month.  The daily minimum wage  is less than $2  a  “day “,   in some  cases,  far  less. Obviously, a small 25 cent daily  individual investment  will allow  orphaned  children to be adopted , instantly,  by their own local native families and , stop  them from starving to death while  they  learn  about  Jesus’ Loving Desire to enjoy us to help them  in Matthew 10:42… to give them “a cup of cold water..”

Each person in each G.O.D.  6/12 group  will  be able to become   major prayer   partners in the lives  of the Christian Adoptive Parent families thru  letters or thru new daily  free computer  videophone services of the growing African Coastal  free “ webcam satellite systems.  You can become   daily computer “pen pals ” with the Christian Adoptive Parent Family.     Internet is possible in some third world areas .

We will  be showing p i c t u r e s of   G h a n a    in the Village of  Begoro which is  about  two hours  north of the South Coast   Capital  of Ghana, Along the Gold Coast  of  Africa.

Margo  met  with  school aged orphans and she also   ministered to  little ones    and baby orphans.   La ter,  she visited   with handicapped children  in a very  needy  Christian orphanage ministry which has only one care taker for forty  crib baby orphans. These babies, desperately,  need Christian native home adoption.   No child should be without a loving  mother and a father!
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