There are over 1.6 million children needing food under the age of 5 who are needing food and shelter and at risk of starvation, ( World Vision statistic).  We can help  them, permanently,  by adoption,  for just .25 cents a day




 Charles and Margo Benson, Founders of the G.O.D. 6 or 12 Program are traveling evangelists for The God Story and Jesus Film ministry.  We also are also seeking  to form  Groups of   3 to 6  couples  to help Christians  invest in Third World C..hristian A..doptive P..arent (C.A.P.)  families to adopt,   “at risk”,    starving  Third World Orphaned Children.

1.  What is a G.O.D. 6/12 Group?      It is 6 or 12  G..roups O..f  D..onors (G.O.D.)  who agree to Invest in Third World Country’s                                            C..hristian  A..doptive P..arent who are willing C..hristian   A..doptive P..arents

                                                            who are  willing to adopt their own starving village orphans into their local native

                                                            city  or village 


                                                           Each Group of Donors  of a G.O.D. 6 or 12 group will , eventually, receive

                                                           back all of their original invested donation investment value through a unique

                                                           Samaritan Action  Ministries   “Joseph Factor” Organic, Dehydrated Vacuum Packed                                               

                                                           Food Program.  These half priced, low cost foods are grown by their C.A.P. family

                                                           We explain this wonderful program to each  G.O.D. 6/12 group.

2   How is the Orphan chosen?          The local Third World  Pastors/Missionaries will be asked to assist  each

                                                            G.O.D. 6/12 group to identify a Christian Adoptive Parent family to adopt an    

                                                            orphaned child to be placed with a local native community Christian family.

3.  How do I fit in to help?                 This child will be adopted into a Christian family and each individual  monthly

                                                            donation of $7.50 (.25 cents a day) will be sent to your group’s selected C.A.P.

                                                            family Leader to supply the  food, clothing, shelter, medical care and possible

education of the Orphan that the C.A.P. family  must adopt  from their own local native  community  area.  The family into which  the child is placed  will be supported  from this income which, generally, includes other family children.

4.  Why should this family help?       The Christian families are very poor themselves, but they love the Lord

                                                            and they have no problem in  adopting one of their own local orphans  from among 

                                                            their local orphans.  All of the  Christian families would like very much

                                                            to help their  orphans, but cannot afford to adopt them. Your Group’s  donation

                                                            will make it financially possible for the family to adopt, at least, one orphan. In                                                                                   

                                                             most cases, a G.O.D. 6/12 monthly  investment  will double a family’s income.


5.  How does the money get there?    One of your own fellowship, from each  group,  will be chosen to establish a  

                                                            Group Leader.  Each person in each 6 or 12 Group  will send their monthly  

                                                            $7.50 (15.00 for a couple) to their chosen  Leader and the Leader will forward 

                                                            the collective monthly sum  of $45.00 or $90.00 on to  the  C.A.P. family that has

                                                            been selected. The G.O.D. 6 or 12 funds go directly to C.A.P. family’s Orphan

                                                            care. There will not be any Church or Organizational fees extracted from the

                                                            monies unless it is agreed upon by each donor/investor in their group.


6. How do you know the money

    will be used for the Orphan?          Your group’s selected Missionary/Pastor, who places the orphan, will be the

                                                            your group’s personal third world “Overseer” to make sure that all funds are

are used properly for the children’s needs. i.e., your church Missionary/Pastor will  check on the child once a month to insure  the child is receiving  proper nutrition, shelter, health care,  and clothing.   Computer and magic jack may   be available for “daily” webcam visual  “computer pen pal” communications to each G.O.D. 6/12 investor in some third world counties, like South Africa.                                                        


7. How will the funds be handled?    The checks  will be made out to the G.O.D. 6 or 12 Leader and forwarded to     

                                                            The Missionary Pastor and then to the  child’s family.  We recommend that each                   

                                                             G.O.D. 6 or 12 investor keeps a change jar with $7.50 in it and transfers one of

                                                             Quarters to another jar that has prayers cards in it to remind them to pray specific

                                                              Bible Word Prayers for the C.A.P. family’s daily needs as they learn about them.

                                                              Some of the African C.A.P. families face Militant Muslim dangers everyday and

                                                              Word Knowledgeable G.O.D. 6/12 prayers can protect them, tremendously!

 8.Will Samaritan Action Ministries   All (100%) of the funds go directly for the child’s care, i.e., food, housing

 or the Bensons receive any monies? clothing, medical care, and education. None of the G.O.D. 6/12 funds go to anyone else. Samaritan Action Ministries and  Bensons are just initiators of the G.O.D. 6 or 12 program. If mailing or other internal  costs become a problem, for the  Leaders, is  then it is suggested that the G.O.D. 6/12 cover these small  additional costs, personally.  The Leader is designated to keep all receipts and records for inspection for convenient inspection of  anyone in their group.     All funds go directly to the child’s new family for food, shelter,  clothing and education and medical care when   available.  It is recommended that each G.O.D. 6/12 give an extra  small amount for gasoline for their church missionary  to visit the child once a month provided their local Missionary  Program does not already supply such logistics to their own Church Missionaries.

9. Can I communicate with

    the adopted  orphan and                Of course, you  can write the  family and the child and, in some cases, where there           

    inquire about the Adoption?          is electricity, then  each donor/investor   can become  daily “computer-pen pals” using free global technologies like  skype’s  streaming webcam communications etc. There is ,also, an inexpensive new M.I.T. University Alex Negraponte computer invention that may be able to be coupled with the computer system  which is, at the moment,   a free international computer- to- computer satellite internet communication system.

                                                            Samaritan Action Ministries  is currently conducting research with the staff of  Alex Negraponte, Head of The Media Department at M.I.T. University in Boston for linkage  to his new, innovative,   non-profit efforts called “ One Laptop

                                                            Computer Per Child ( Foundation in order  to secure an extremely low  cost laptop computer,  and, hopefully, attach a  web camera,  so that each G.O.D. 6 or 12 group members can  see and encourage their sponsored families  and share with them, daily, more about our  Lord., Jesus, The Christ.  Even though they are “Christians”… all of us need  to  encourage one another with The Love of  Jesus  and  His Wisdom.  

                                                            Thus, there are, really, three “planned” , project Overseers systems for the adopted child’s care; 1.) the Leader of G.O.D. 6 or 12 Group;  2.) child’s Pastor;  3.) the probable, direct “daily computer pen pal”  communications with the adopted  child and/or the Christian Adoptive Parents from each G.O.D. 6/12  Adoptive Investor,    “magic jack” unlimited free phone calls that  cost  $20 a year.

10. When will I start sending              The Benson’s will, from time to time,   be on the road evangelizing for Jesus and,                                                                                                 

       my investment monies?               forming more G.O.D. 6.12 Group Donor/Investors.          

                                                            All monies donated should be sent to each individual  G.O.D. 6 or 12 Group Leader

                                                            who will forward the monies on to the group’s selected  Pastor Overseer who will

                                                            take it or transform it into  the physical needs of the selected  C,A,P. family for the

                                                            orphan’s care.  The Christian Adoptive Parents need all of the $45 or $90

                                                            sponsorship funds in order to be able to afford to adopt their local  orphans.    

As we  will explain, later, S.A.M. is designing a special “ The Joseph Factor” dehydrated, vacuum packed food savings program  that each G.O.D. 6/12  will receive from their sponsored C.A.P. family.  These dehydrated foods  will  allow each Donor/investor  to be able to  expect a  Return On Investment (R.O.I.) of their original “sponsorship/donation/investments in their original  Christian Adoptive Family’s through receiving imports  of Organic Vacuum Packed Foods that will cost each G.O.D. 6/12 Donor less than half the price they now pay for poisoned pesticided foods at their  local grocery stores

11. Can single Christians

      Participate?                                   Yes, single,  interested Christians, who  may wish to immediately  become involved

                                                            in being an  Adoptive Sponsor,  can start their own, single, Personal Sponsorship,

                                                            now,  by donating to the “Samaritan Action Ministry Escrow Program”  if  there

                                                            Individual donor/investors can  send their monthly check for $7.50  to S.A.M.’s

                                                            Escrow Bank to  form another G.O.D. 6 group.   The funds will earmarked for each

                                                            individual and they  will  remain there until there are enough single donor/investors

                                                            of, at least, 5 more identified donor investors,  with whom a single donor/investor

                                                            can join and  communicate,  by phone or  internet in order to be a part of their  own

                                                            G.O.D. 6 to 12 group.    Fortunately, thanks to computers , especially those with

                                                            WebCams,  each group of donor/investors do not have to be located in a  specific

                                                           city or town or even in a specific part of the world.  G.O.D. 6/12 groups can be “

                                                           “virtual groups of donor/investors”  all living in separate, even global distant

                                                            communities.  It is amazing how it is now possible for  “computer pen pal”

                                                            Christian groups can enjoy fellowshipping together, at least,  once a month to

                                                            discuss their  G.O.D. 6 or group ministry and share their personal prayer needs.

                                                            However, once an Orphan has been financed and  adopted by    Christian

                                                           Adoptive Parents, then the new  group’s  checks would  need to  be made out to

                                                            the  newly selected “virtual group”  Leader  for distribution to their selected orphan

                                                           instead of continuing to funds  to Samaritan Action Ministries Escrow Bank                

                                                          Account.  Our staff is very small and very limited and we really need each group

                                                           of donor/investor Christians to form themselves into groups of

 6 to 12 persons and  to be responsible for their  own logistical financial activities. 

We also believe this ministry project is a wonderful catalyst for young singles that are dating and planning  a Christian marriage….because it is a lot easier to operate,  logistically, with 3 couples than 6 single individuals.

12. What is the purpose of giving      The purpose is not just to give money but to involve each donor/investor with the    

       money to thru this ministry’s       a very real and very personal relationship with a child who cannot help themselves.

       concept?                                       and, is most likely close to dying of starvation or disease and to help  them  be     

                                                            able, hopefully, to  have a longer life, or a loved “short life” knowing more about

                                                            an “eternal life” with Jesus, their creator, who loves them  just as each of us should

                                                            “love one another”.

Proverbs 19:17 – He who has pity on the poor “lends to the Lord, and that which he has given, God will repay to him. ( in  this ministry concept there is an actual physically , built- in, “Godly” repayment “design”  of producing  highly nutritional, extremely low cost, organic dehydrated “Joseph Factor” foods.  These foods are  supplied by the sponsored C.A.P. families and these low cost foods  will more than re-imbrues each donor/investor…for the rest of their physical lives  and for the rest of their

spiritual lives!)